Rhonda's Ragdolls

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My Queens
Title Chyka

A Little About My Queens
Twinkie is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll.  She is a very nurturing Queen and loves to mother hen all of the kittens! She has bonded more with the men in the house for some reason but needless to say she still is a ragdoll! She loves attention but loves the accompaniship of the other cats. 
Chyka is a Blue Mitted Ragdoll. She is absolutely gorgeous and has the best personality. She is the most lovey-dovey female I have.  She loves to show her affection and is a true ragdoll at heart!
She loves to play, follow, and love. She produces such loving babies.


Willow is a spicy gal with lots of attitude.  She is so playful and is always on the go for some action with Bo Jangles. She loves attention but on her time.  First, she has to be in the PLAY mode! She is a beautiful seal color point mitted ragdoll.  She will be a great addition to my small breeding program one day. 
​ Willow came from a premier breeder in Atlanta, GA.  Mrs. Rosetta was a life safer friend for me in helping me become the fortunate parent of this beauty.  I definitely found a keeper.  She was a beauty from day one of laying eyes on her.  The life she has inside of her is a joy to me!


A solid Blue Eye White-Comes for Blue Gem Lines.  I can't wait to get her and add her into my beauties!  Her dad is a Bi Color and mom is a Blue Eye White! So look for Blue Eye White Kittens in the Future!